Learn More About What We Do

We give each and every project our full attention it deserves to ensure the building owner is comfortable and informed every step of the way. Our process in a little more detail:


So where do we begin? Contact us with your name and location to set up a time for an in person estimate.


The best way for us to quote a job is to see it. Once a visual is made we can assess your needs based on the age of the house and the prep it will take to make the job paint ready. We will also discuss colours and provide popular options to choose from. We require the customer to make final colour choices.


Preparation is key for a beautiful finish. We will ensure that all holes, dents and dings are filled and ready for finish paint. We will test surfaces to ensure proper adhesion and apply the appropriate primer when necessary. We can move furniture and things of that nature but we require some preparation on your part in regards to valuables, breakables, and sentimental items. We will protect anything that can't be moved to allow for worry free painting.


Two coats minimum. We don't water down our paint, we don't use low quality products, and we don't leave a job looking unfinished. If the job requires extra coats for coverage we will make the customer aware of that possibility during the colour choice portion of the estimate.


We like to keep a tidy job site from start to finish. We clean up as we go and make sure to leave no evidence of our being there except for the beautiful new paint job we leave behind. If there are any issues, we are always a phone call or text away!